Rawyale is a bird’s nest brands eCommerce website and is also a wholesaler of bird’s nest in Indonesia.
Agents are welcome to learn about the wholesale price of bird’s nest products and bird’s nest.
We have processing plant in Indonesia.
With years of experience and strong production and research capabilities, we will do everything we can.
When processing products, we absolutely adhere to the processing principle of “only using good raw materials, not reducing one point, strictly controlling, keeping improving, and seeking the best”.

Therefore, agents only need to be 100% worried about sales and concentrate on opening the market. The quality is monitored by us!

Located in Indonesia, Medan – North Sumatra, Rawyale Bird’s Nest pride itself to be one of the trustable bird’s nest wholesaler in Indonesia. Since its inception in 2016, Rawyale’s Bird Nest is committed to provide bird’s nest that consumers can consume with a peace of mind.

Our bird’s nests from Indonesia are processed and cleaned without the use of any harmful bleaching chemicals, artificial colouring, or preservatives that can be very harmful to the body. This immoral method is still commonly practiced today.

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It is extremely important that consumers only buy genuine bird’s nest from trusted retailers, like Rawyale Bird’s Nest.




Feathers Picking

We cleanse the bird's nest in flowing water to remove the physical dirt. Our trained staff handpick the feather residue one-by-one to ensure no feather left behind.



Shaping & Grading

We refine the shape of bird's nest that may get bruised during the feathers picking process. We grade the bird’s nest based on its physical feature and sort it in groups.



Packing & Shipping

We grade the bird’s nest based on its physical feature and sort it in groups. We will pack it meet Export Standard of Packaging. We Ship to Australia, China, Singapore, Hongkong & Malaysia.


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